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威海金海湾国际饭店—— 山东烟威地区首家五星级旅游饭店


Golden Bay Hotel Weihai—— the first Five-star Tourist Hotel in Yantai and Weihai of Shandong Province

Golden Bay Hotel Weihai, the first Five-star Tourist Hotel in Yantai and Weihai of Shandong Province, enjoys its beautiful scenery nearby the mountain and the sea as it is located in the east side of the international bathing beach in the Linhai Bay Scenic spot of Weihai Hi-Tech Development Zone.


山东华能大厦 —— 四星级旅游饭店

山东华能大厦是四星级旅游饭店,位于济南市最繁华的商业及金融中心 —— 泉城路,背靠大明湖,南面千佛山,西临趵突泉,交通极为便捷。

Shandong Huaneng Hotel —— Four-star Tourist Hotel

Shandong Huaneng Hotel, a four-star tourist hotel, is located in the most prosperous business and financial center in Quancheng Road, Jinan City, backing against Daming Lake, facing Thousand-Buddha Mountain in the south, and neighboring Baotu Spring in the west, thus the traffic is very convenient.


青岛华能大厦 —— 三星级旅游饭店


Qingdao Huaneng Hotel —— Three-star Tourist Hotel

Qingdao Huaneng Hotel, a three-star tourist hotel integrated by hotels, office buildings and stores, is located in landing-stage scenic area with beautiful landscapes and scenery. It neighbors railway station in the west and closes to subsea tunnel, and is surrounded by subways and busy business street on Zhongshan Road.

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